One comment on “Never Be Comfortable

  1. Well said Bill. What Sacco did was thoughtless and dumb, but as I believe you’ve accurately pointed out, not uncommonly so. We’ve all made tactless comments at one point or another, thinking we were being witty, or funny, or ironic. Although I really know nothing about the woman, I’d like to believe it was intended to be some sort commentary on how easily those of us outside the African continent have forgotten about the continuing scurge and enormous impact of AIDS in that part of the world, if we ever gave it much thought to begin with. Perhaps I’m being too generous in my projections on Ms. Sacco’s intent; but for me, I would rather be guilty of assuming the better of someone, than assuming the worst.

    Although I don’t recall the source (apologies to the author), one of my favorite Twitter comments I saw during the resulting firestorm paraphrased Andy Warhol by stating, “in the future, we’ll all be vilified for 15 minutes on Twitter.”

    Yes, it is very easy to “screw up” on social media; but not even remotely as easy as it is to criticize. How many of us would like to have our entire being summarily judged by a single utterance?

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