One comment on “Rock On Emily!

  1. Kudos to this young lady (and I know she’s a young lady because I’ve yet to meet a public safety person tasked with social media who isn’t young).

    As the person who managed my Department’s social media presence during (and, more importantly for public health, after) the storm, it doesn’t surprise me that its just one person. And it wouldn’t surprise my friend at our local EMA who did the same, or the guy from the Fire Dept, or the police officer who single-handedly collected, catalogued and reported via Twitter every tree down, every road closed and every update on the storm.

    Luckily for us, the only difference between what she did and we did was volume. If the storm hit a bit further south, I could introduce you personally to the person this blog post would’ve been about.

    Flying solo seems to be the norm for now, sadly.


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