One comment on “Inoperable Interoperability

  1. It makes me crazy that so many firefighters, paramedics and emergency managers I know think that “interoperability” means some equipment from Motorola or an ACU-1000. Interoperability is the communication techniques you keep in your mind. The Motorola of the JPS or face-to-face are only the tools that you use to achieve it.

    There is a reason that Phoenix FD still uses an old 12 channel VHF radio system…it just works. Everyone in the valley has pre-planned and agreed how they will communicate in a crisis. There is no fumbling through the radio dial to find the ITAC or I-Call channels, no patch to be set up by dispatch, no swapping radios at the scene for crews to stay in contact. They operate thousands of calls a month on 12 channels and make it work beautifully because of thoughtful pre-planning.

    Now that the FEMA grant money is drying up, maybe local EMs and fire/EMS leadership will realize that interoperability is not the name of the latest gizmo but a technique.

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