3 comments on “We Need a Virtual Toilet Plunger

  1. Thank you for this hilarious analogy to the issues of social media in emergency management! You have effectively “flushed out” some of the biggest issues with SMEM. It’s not just about understanding the technology involved, it’s about adapting how we do things to embrace this streamlined method of communication. I would have to say that the issue that concerns me the most is the 3rd issue you brought up. Some folks are intent on throwing everything into this and forgetting that there are other more traditional methods for information dissemination that are much more effective in some situations.

    Like every new tool that comes out for use in Emergency Management, there is a time frame where everyone is kicking the tires and playing around with it, not completely sure if it’s something they really want to invest in. The difference between what we are used to and what we are seeing with social media is: we aren’t setting the trend, the public is. Instead of emergency managers being the innovators in the equation and teaching the public how to do something; emergency managers are clamoring to keep up.

    And as for your suspicion, you were close. We were looking highlight that there is no silver bullet to using social media in emergency management, we have to remain flexible and use this tool as part of our overall approach to responding.

    Thanks for keeping this conversation interesting!
    The HELP Foundation

  2. Another problem is that a lot of people really do not use (have) those tools. I have a feeling that with certain age groups if you get them to read their emails that would be a big help. I know that I do not own (yet) a phone that would allow me to keep up with most SM in an emergency.

    And you are right, training and a new mind set for ICS is a must before a change like this will work. I can hardly wait to see the Feds. manuel on protocol for Tweeting during a chemical spill. The IPO’s qualification would certainly have to be altered. And Sarah is right about Uncle Sam not calling the shots, will “they” really support something they do not control?

    A final thought for it to fit into ICS who is going to write the manuel on what symbols and abbreviations will b used during n emrgnc :) ?

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