2 comments on “Take Me Back To Kindergarten

  1. I’m not sure how strong of an argument this will make, but if you want speedy SM you can look at how tweets of the DC Earthquake back in August made it to some areas before the S-waves did. Those few seconds could have saved lives had the event been bigger! Also gives EOC and IC a few second jump on activating and potentially coordinating minor resources, and provides a super fast and initial snapshot of just how severe the event is/was/will be. I wish I had pictures or videos for you, not sure how many of those exist. Though we could always cite the toppled lawn chairs that were so tragically pictured on twitter and various social media… http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqeu8z1EUD1qb43dao1_500.jpg

  2. Agree on that one “Prohibiting SM advocates from engaging” but back to this post,

    Re: “Show Us” Although it didn’t translate well onto a Slideshare esp 21, 22, 23 at a minimum http://www.slideshare.net/northlandfox/current-practices-sharing-beyond-smem-camp it’s the only way to know how it really impacts you, seconds & minutes after. What your really missing as far as intel which is mission critical & incident setting.
    Virtual Support came out of my coordinating national & international “play” to show how it could be done. Was very disappointed the report and coverage totally omitted global trendsetters in SAR like D4H Decisions for Heroes “showing” how it’s used in the field (GPS with a Team & more), & accessibility with McDevitt again showing it’s use http://northlandfoxsmem11.wordpress.com/about/ . A new favorite quote is “Social media barriers in the office? Death and retirement weeds out many problems.” – @Eric_Holdeman IAEM via @krobertory and the original “We often times are so arrogant in gov, that we think only we can come up with solutions” Craig Fugate http://is.gd/j9Ofk
    Your awesome! Keep Posting! Dawn Dawson @northlandfox

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