3 comments on “May It Never Happen Again

  1. Would not local LEOs, fire, and EMS personnel not be more immediately tasked with ICS implementation and active shooter response than the “collegial” administrators?

    I’m not sure I understand their immediate concern with ICS use as even their initial response would need to be coordinated with the IC (or the PIO as applicable). Maybe I’m shooting wide of the mark (okay, terrible colloquialism), but it seems to me incident stabilization and mitigation would not involve these administrators until after the incident declared safe, the shooter(s) were dead, apprehended, or escaped. Safety announcements and recommendations would be tactically driven rather than unilaterally offered from campus administration.

    I can understand their unfamiliarity with ICS – it’s not everyday college fare – but I’m not sure I follow the need for these officials to actually use ICS versus acting as adjuncts to command or general staff. Most functions these administrators fulfill would occur as ICS is reduced in scale or command outright terminated and control returned to the authority having jurisdiction.

    What am I failing to understand?

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