2 comments on “Over 50 miles away with a slide tray

  1. Wow, just to get the four of you guys in a room together must’ve been a crossing the streams moment. I’m really, really jealous of the folks who got to sit in there.

  2. hello, i’ve been reading your blog for a while now and i’ve found a lot of valuable opinions and information. i’m an interaction design student currently working on my master’s thesis. i’m working on the emergency crisis and micro-blogging opportunities and would like to know your opinion on something you mentioned on this article.

    you wrote:

    “I think much more work needs to be done in exploring and testing various methods of visually displaying information in a disaster…. ”

    I was curious to know your opinion on this issue, what sort of exploring do you imagine? what hasn’t been done or tackled? what needs improvement? any help would be appreciated. if you would like to reply to my personal mail, please do so at: albertelo [at] gmail [dot] com

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