5 comments on ““Preach on Chief!”

  1. Great article, Chief…it’s been funny watching politics catch up on the use of social media. The old news cycle of communication has changed-clue me in to what PIO/JIC SM and ICS stand for…I’m adding your blog to my faves.

    • Hi Sheila! Thanks! ICS=Incident Command System PIO/JIC = Public Information Officer/Joint Information Center, SM= Social Media.

  2. Good point! “There is no way we will “control” or “manage” public information. Citizens have more information sharing power than we do from the get go. Those with well established networks/contacts even more so.”

    Even small groups of people nearby any event will have orders of magnitude more information sharing capability than any single agency. And, those folks will touch networks that quickly touch all other networks. So, any information that’s alarming or even just interesting gets blasted to the ‘net in pretty much real time. There’s no gate.

    Makes day-later press releases seem pretty quaint.

  3. Hey Chief, I wish you would go on more rants. It was totally appropriate and well-received.

    Always a pleasure to hear from you,

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