4 comments on “SM – A Virtual Logistics Section?

  1. Great Post! Which is why there is a big difference between Command and Coordination. ICs need to worry about their objectives only. Other multi-coordinations systems need to be in place helping filter the noise and supporting their command structures in the field.

    However it is still imperative the command and general staff have an understanding so when someone posts a pic of your resource locations, the Ops Chief can adjust tactically. Just one case in Point: http://yfrog.com/nb7jjj

    This user even posts Mobile command location. If this is a coordinated incident, if I were IC I would like to know quickly if I need to move my ICP.

    • Agreed Hal, good input. My point is at what point is it realistic that we will likely “plug in” to SM for the purposes of gaining situational awareness for planning/operations purposes. The information dissemination aspect is pretty clear. The Planning/situation aspect is not so clear in my mind.

      • Which going back to previous discussions I am a proponent of adding the Intell / Information person, section, or unit as deemed by incident or event needs / resources for the assisting the flow in the command structure. Also this enables the multi agency coordination centers to funnel info to and from the noise to the incident as needed as it relates to command needs; the JIC would work similarly ensuring the JIS incorporates PIO related SM items appropriately into that respective discipline and position.

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