4 comments on “How Do You Stuff The Elephant Into The ICS Box?

  1. I think social media is but one part of the equation. People may tweet or post FB questions/comments but what about other sources of feedback like hotlines, 911, key department numbers, key email inboxes, etc.? I firmly believe all of these need to be integrated into an ICS response system that aids PIO in disseminating info quickly and proactively. While emails and phones are not as social and public it’s still key to see all the trends of questions, comments and concerns. Just a thought to use a fatter elephant beyond social media!

    • Agreed, SM is just one piece of the elephant (but a really big one, and growing every day). Also, need to consider strategy in how/when info is disseminated. Traditional media is morphing into “real time” reporting. But, right now this is still slower than the amateur reporter on the street with a smartphone.

  2. During the 2009 “Station Fire”, the unified command ICs used two “Social Media Technical Specialists” in the PIO shop (one fire, one law). Their duties were to:

    1. Provide timely updates via twitter & facebook, and update the incident websites, and

    2. Monitor social media for evolving issues and inaccurate info… ie: wrong info on evacuations.

    The system worked well for the most part, mainly because there were 20+ PIOs in the field feeding real-time info back into the ICP. It also worked well due to the willingness of the Agency Administrators to rapidly approve the release of info.

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